10 Basic Style Tips for Men

10 Basic Style Tips for Men

To many men, fashion can seem to be something that is constraining, “inside the box” and uncomfortable! The reason this is only partially right is because a lot of men treat it as such. However, fashion doesn’t have to be this way.

Finding your style might not be easy, and even though most men have a rather good picture of what they wish to look like, they somehow can’t seem to pull off the look they want. Mostly, this is not because they don’t have a clear picture of what they aspire to, but because there are details that seem to lack importance; but which in fact are probably more important than all the work you might put into creating a wardrobe.

This is list of 10 quick tips which can be applied to any style, any taste and any budget. Following these essential style rules and simple aesthetics insights can considerably improve your appearance

1. Your clothes must fit

Your clothes should be comfortable. Whatever you wear, you should be able to move in any way you need!

This might sound like something obvious and normal, but “fit” does not mean that they have to be able to dress your body. Whichever pieces you wear: pants, shirts, t-shirts, etc., they need to touch your body without squeezing it. Did you notice how many men wear shirts which simply don’t touch their bodies? This used to be fashionable in the 1990s, but now we know better than that. The shoulders of a shirt should match your shoulders, a pair of pants should never have more than one pleat and a shirt’s cuffs should not go more than 1 inch / 1,5 cm above your wrist. If you want to appear bigger or smaller, there are ways to do that. For example, if you are a big guy who wants to look thinner, you can wear vertical stripes, while guys who wish to appear bulkier can wear horizontal stripes. Wearing misfit clothes will look like you are either choking in them if they are too tight or as if you are swimming in them if they are too loose.

2. Choose your colors wisely

Choosing the colors of your clothes might be tricky, but the main thing you need to remember is that you should have a main color and, we recommend, not more than two supporting colors. Remember that neutrals are colors that go with anything and they can be mixed together as you please. In fashion, neutral colors are: white, black, beige, khaki, ivory, gray, etc. If you are wearing beige and gray, it doesn’t count as acolor combo.

3. Make use of layers


To create visual interest, you can always layer your clothes. Adding several layers of clothes adds depth to an outfit and makes it look more appealing. A simple shirt and pants outfit can be made more interesting by adding a vest and / or a blazer, for example. Vests are generally great pieces; as they are both practical, meaning they keep you warm and they usually look very well.

4. Unbutton your jacket’s lower button

If you are wearing a jacket, always unbutton the lower button! Also, when you sit down, make sure you unbutton all of your buttons, when you stand up again, unbutton them all, besides your lowest one. This rule also applies to vests, but it is not as strict. Unbuttoning the other buttons is optional, but the rule is to always keep the lowest button unbuttoned.

5. Match your belt to your shoes


It doesn’t matter if you are wearing oxfords, slip-ons or sandals, your shoes must always match your belt. This might sound like an outdated, stiff rule, but if these two pieces don’t match, your overall look will appear to be out of place. The small things we wear, such as belts, shoes, socks, ties etc., have the tendency to frame our outfits, which is why they should always be put together with care. Of course, this rule can be broken, but you need to do it in such a way that it is obvious that you are breaking it and replacing it with something just as cohesive.

6. Choose accessories of the right size

If you are wearing accessories, you should always remember that they should be proportionate to the size of your body! This means that thin men should wear thin or medium ties, slim watchbands with smaller watches, while bigger guys should always opt for wider ties, wider belts and bigger hand bands.

7. Know your tie


For many men, tying a tie is something they do on a daily basis, but we still see a lot of mistakes done. First of all, the knot you are tying should be proportionate to your head. Don’t make a knot that’s too complicated and big if you have a smaller head. Also, always make sure that your tie touches your belt! It should not go any higher or any lower!

8. Never wear both a belt and suspenders

9. Make sure your shoes fit

Whatever type of shoe you are wearing; make sure they fit right from the start. You don’t need to search for “extra room”, your foot size won’t change. It is true that leather becomes more flexible, but this has nothing to do with the fact that they should be comfortable and fit from the start. Wearing bad shoes can really have a negative impact on your attitude! Also speaking of shoes, make sure that your shoes are in tandem with the rest of your outfit. Don’t wear dressy shoes (the shinier, the dressier) with casual clothes and never wear sneakers with a dress suit! There are different degrees of formality to shoes, so make sure you get the right pair for the occasion!

10. A buzz cut is better than messy hair

Many men want to look great but don’t want to go through too much trouble. To this end, it is strongly recommended that you get a simple, short haircut that you can wash at least every other day. There is no point in getting a fancy haircut if your hair is messy or you can’t maintain it. The same goes for beards and mustaches. If you want one, you should take good care of it. If not, shave it off!



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