A DEFIANT U.K. Approves Huawei’s 5G Network Infrastructure

The government of Britain is set to grant approval for the supply of equipment by Chinese telecoms giant Huawei for the implementation of the U.K.’s new 5G data network infrastructure.

Despite warnings from the United States authorities over the possibility of Huawei being influenced by the Chinese government, Britain is proceeding with its 5G initialization project. Also, while multiple reports have confirmed that Huawei will be bringing the network technology to the country sooner rather than later.

5G is the next generation of mobile Internet connections, with its launch set to being even wider coverage, quicker data and download processes, and more stable network connectivity.

For months now, the Trump administration has been issuing warnings to its allies over the threat posed by Beijing-based Huawei, claiming that allowing the company to build network infrastructure in their territories could leave them vulnerable to spying and privacy braches courtesy of the Chinese government.

The American government believes strongly that Huawei is obligated to the Chinese government, and allowing the company to further its 5G ambitions could pose significant threats to “the integrity of telecommunications networks” wherever they are set up.

While Huawei’s top management officials have come out publicly to deny Washington’s allegations, some countries– including Australia– have already declined to allow the company to set up 5G telecoms facilities in their territories.

However, it would seem that the British are ready to defy Washington’s warnings and go ahead with the Chinese tech conglomerate.

A spokesperson for the British Department of Digital Media, Culture, Media and Sport has confirmed that the Department is already reviewing the details of Huawei-based 5G network equipment supply in the country, and a report is expected on the matter soon.



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