Amazon is the World’s Most Valuable Brand

We live in a world where companies spend a great deal of time and money developing their brands. The brand identity is something that a company invests greatly in creating, maintaining, and protecting; especially if the brand is an international one that provides customer-facing services and products.

The top 50 brands in the world were identified by 24/7 Wall St. , a publication which reviewed an annual report on the strongest and most valuable brands in the world.

The value of a brand in this ranking was determined by reviewing various factors, including the cost of licensing a brand in an industry, as well as how much a brand generates in revenues for its parent company (if it does have one, anyways). Future forecasts and past performances are also given a fair amount of consideration as well.

In the end, the ranking of the top 50 brands in the world provided 13 tech brands, 5 telecoms giants, 5 automobile manufacturers, and more.

A lot of these companies saw improvements to their brand value due to innovative product development, especially as many of these companies also featured on the list of the top most innovative brands.

With that being said, Amazon was found to be the most valuable brand in the world, with a brand value of $188 billion. Apple Inc. was a distant second, coming in with a brand value of $154 billion.

Google, Microsoft, and Samsung rounded out the top five, with brand values of $143 billion, $120 billion, and $91 billion respectively.



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