HBO to Run Chimamanda Adiche’s Americanah

HBO is adapting Chimamanda Adiche's Americanah
HBO is adapting Chimamanda Adiche’s Americanah

The highly anticipated screen adaptation of Americanah, a bestselling book by renowned author Chimamanda Adiche, is finally coming to life.

Reports suggest that last week, HBO announced the development of the book’s on-screen adaptation, confirming that it will be a ten-episode miniseries, starring Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o and directed by Danai Gurira.

The combination of Nyong’o and Gurira has become rather formidable, as both women are noted for being committed to telling authentic African stories, particularly as it pertains to women. While they are best known for their work on Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, they will be charged with bringing this awe-inspiring tale to life.

Nyong’o has expressed her passion for working on this project for a long time, as she optioned the rights to the story back in 2014. Gurira is also familiar with African stories; she scored a Tony Award nomination for Eclipsed, a Broadway show which tells the story of war in Liberia from the perspective of women.

Americanah is the story of Ifemalu, a young, bold Nigerian woman who falls in love with her classmate Obinze. However, circumstances force them to depart for the West, with Ifemalu going to the United Stated and Obinze heading to London. During this time, both experience the struggles of immigrants.



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