AT&T Sells its Stake in Hulu: What This Could Mean

There’s a high probability that Hulu will look much different from what we all know from now on.
According to multiple reports, AT&T has sold its stake in the streaming service, leaving only the Walt Disney Company and Comcast as Hulu’s stake owners

As recently as last year, Hulu was divided between Disney, Comcast, and Fox, all of which owned 30 percent each in the company. AT&T had the remaining 10 percent.

However, when Disney purchased Fox earlier this year, the latter gained a full controlling interest in Hulu. Now that AT&T has sold off its stake, it means that Disney now controls about 66 percent of the streaming platform.

Still, there’s more to this than just the money and the overwhelming interest control; as of now, Hulu offers content from a variety of providers, including TNT and TBS (both owned by AT&T) , and Universal Studios and NBC (both owned by Comcast) .

Now, with AT&T opting out, it’s not far-fetched to imagine the company pulling all of its content from Hulu as well, maybe even to develop its own streaming service. In the event that Comcast leaves Hulu as well, it would leave Hulu as an exclusively Disney offering (in addition to Disney+, a Disney-owned service that is launching later this year).

Disney itself hinted at such, highlighting that it will be providing its more mature content on Hulu. It’s possible
AT&T saw this coming and chose to opt out, now that Disney has an overwhelming majority stake in the streaming service.

It’s too early to say what could happen (especially since Disney+ hasn’t launched yet). Still, if one thing is sure, it’s that Disney’s entry into the streaming industry is sure to cause a major bang.



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