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Footballer Christian Benítez dies at 27 after suffering heart attack

SPORTS July 30, 2013 0 Comments

Former Birmingham City striker Christian Benítez died in hospital in Qatar today from complications leading to cardiac arrest at the age of 27. The striker from Ecuador died just weeks after a £10million move to Qatar side, El Jaish. The Ecuadorian Football Federation said on their website that Benitez ‘had severe stomach pain, was rushed to a hospital, where after…

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Kidney Failure

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UNDERSTANDING KIDNEY DISEASE — THE BASICS What Is Kidney Disease? The kidneys are two organs located on either side of your spine in the middle of your back, just above the waist. They perform several life-sustaining roles: They cleanse your blood by removing waste and excess fluid, maintain the balance of salt and minerals in your blood, and help regulate…

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COVER STORY June 20, 2013 0 Comments

Immodesty Blaize is the Queen of Burlesque. With a diverse blend of ethnic heritage (Croatian,Russian and Irish), she looks every part exotic. The Hitchin Hertfordshire England born award winning dancer said growing up,she’s always performed. So her choice of career wasn’t a question of what but when as the career had chosen her naturally. She started off doing the dance…

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Dana Air Flight 992 was a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft making a scheduled commercial passenger flight from Abuja to Lagos, Nigeria. On Sunday, 3rd June 2012, the aircraft crashed into a furniture works and printing press building in the Iju-Ishaga neighborhood of Lagos. The crash, believed to have been caused by dual engine failure and subsequent forced landing, resulted in…

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