Blue Origin Gives the World a Glimpse of its Plans

On May 9, Jeff Bezos, Chairman of e-commerce giant Amazon and founder of aerospace company Blue Origin, unveiled the lunar lander that will be developed by the latter for the very first time.

Speaking at an invite-only presentation to executives across the space industry and media houses, Bezos, who is also the world’s richest individual, claimed that the vehicle will be making a trip to the moon.
Going further, he said, “We were given a gift; this nearby body called the moon,”

Bezos also stated that the moon has lower gravity than the Earth, making it the perfect place to begin manufacturing. He pointed out that getting resources from the moon will “take 24 times less energy to get it off the surface compared to the Earth.” According to him, this presents a wonderful manufacturing opportunity.

At the event, he also revealed the BE-7 rocket engine. He went on to claim that the engine, which was designed by Blue Origin, will be taken for a test run this summer.

Blue Origin was established almost 20 years ago, and it has remained relatively quiet about all of its products, including rockets, engines, and vehicles. However, it has been making vigorous steps all this while, backed by a
yearly investment of $1 billion from its founder.

Now, it seems the company is ready to take the world- and perhaps the moon- by storm.



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