Boris Johnson Takes Over as British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson, the garrulous and charismatic campaigner of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, is the next British Prime Minister.

Johnson won an election to be the leader of the U.K.s conservative party on Tuesday. Due to that, he is set to take over the Kingdom’s highest office today. He has promised in the past to make the transition into a post-Brexit one smooth for the U.K. by securing a favorable deal. Now, he has just three months to get this done, as the October 31 deadline looms closer.

Popular for his charisma and blond hair, Johnson secured an easy victory over Conservative rival Jeremy Hunt in the polls. He won two-thirds of about 160,000 Conservative votes across the Kingdom. Now, he will be Prime Minister once Queen Elizabeth II formally asks him to form a government.

Boris will be replacing Theresa May, the embattled former PM who announced her resignation last month. Her resignation came after Parliament rejected her withdrawal agreement with the E.U. The withdrawal left her with many detractors, and she ultimately resigned.

Over his career, Johnson has served as the Mayor of London and the British foreign secretary. He exuded energy in his victory speech to party members yesterday, and promised to “deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn,” the opposing Labour Party leader.

He also indicated a more diverse Parliament, claiming that his cabinet will be one for a modern Britain.



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