Times have changed and Paul and I are doing great, but then I remembered  Sumbo my child hood friend that I bumped into at Wednesday service just as we were about going into church. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, I was in shock. I hugged and kissed her and introduced her to Paul.

‘My besto’; that was the nick name we had for each other. Then all the memories came flooding back, Sumbo used to be one of the most beautiful girls in Enugu then, we all admired her because she was a Lagos girl in the East but she seemed very spiritual then and even now, maybe that’s why I wasn’t surprised to see her in church.

After the service that day Paul asked me to invite her for lunch, I was hesitant at first. I didn’t want her to tell Paul all my school runs that I forgot to mention when we met. Anyway I did, she agreed to come on the condition that I drop her off at home. I wondered why she didn’t have a car but then it was okay. on my way home to Dolphin from the Island I would. We had a great time at Saffron restaurant at the Galleria and did a ‘chick flick’ movie later.

Sumbo laughed so hard during the movie it was infectious. Six hours later with our sides hurting from laughter I hugged Paul tight, said my good byes and asked Sumbo to hop into my car. I turned to her and asked her where she was going. I was expecting to hear Lekki, Ikoyi or even Surulere, only for her to say Orile. “Orile nna ogini?” I asked. “Long story oh! Cindy, things are not what they used to be oh”.

I was shocked but all ears for another long story but for Sumbo who was never a runs girl, I was wondering what it would be till her tale began.

“Babe after school I got a job in Warri in Shell and everything was going well till my friend invited me for a church program.  I went because everything that had to do with God was never too much. Power of His Holiness On The Mountain Ministries International; that was the name of the church. I went there twice and after a while I became a regular member because the manifestation of miracles was so real, or so I thought.  Some months after baptism in church I met a nice guy called Keith at work. He was white, he came from an oil servicing company to do some jobs with us. We hit it off instantly and things were great till my friend Tope who took me to POHHMM, called me to say the man of God Bishop Ojo wanted to see me.

He told me Keith was a snake and was out to initiate me into his coven, I was skeptical at first but then I figured after all the miracles I had seen. Bishop O as he was fondly called had no reason to lie to me, he asked both of us to come for deliverance and afterwards sow a seed that would provoke God and destroy the enemy.

Funny enough Keith agreed to go with me and after a two hundred thousand seed and another one hundred and fifty thousand for deliverance, there was no going back. The sad part was  I got sucked into it.

It was prayers and vigils every other day; Keith got tired and dumped me. My friends tried to get us back but I would not hear of it, I said he was the devil himself. I cut off all communication from family and friends except Tope and church members. I lost my job two months later and could no longer afford to pay my rent in Warri.

Things became so bad that even feeding became an issue. Till one fateful day I took a bike to church only to find members outside and a truck full of soldiers.

Tope was screaming and crying, I tried to inquire from her what was wrong till another brother told me that Bishop O had fathered four children by a lady whose husband was a general and two other sisters in church were pregnant for him. I was in shock. I sat on the pavement dazed, just as I was about to scream out in his defence, the brother also mentioned that the actors who staged the fake miracles had also not being paid hence the sealing of the church.

It was there I knew I had just been scammed of all my money. Job was gone. I stood up quietly and went home and cried myself to sleep.

I sold what was left and moved back to Lagos, got a job and moved into Orile. I have been trying to reach Keith to apologise, at least for putting him through hell. Even though he doesn’t take me back but at least I would be at peace now I’m back to my old church”.

‘Wow’ I screamed, ‘what a tale’. I dropped her at the beginning of her street because the roads were so bad, she waved goodbye and I began to ponder.



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