Diddy and JaY-z are championing black excellence through technology

Veteran rapper and businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs has revealed that he is working on an app with fellow businessman and rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, with a focus on helping to uplift blackbusinesses across the United States.

Speaking in an interview with GQ Magazine, the business mogul- who recently changed his name to “Love” – detailed the plans of the duo to develop an app that will help users find black-friendly and black-owned businesses near them.

In the interview, he described the app as a means of championing ‘black excellence’ and giving economic power to black business people across the country.

He also added, “We’ll still go to Chinatown. We’ll still buy Gucci! But the application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It’s about blacks gaining economic power.”

For now, the app doesn’t have a name. However, if successful, the opportunities that it does pose are surely extensive.



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