Dressing For The Heat: How to look cool in hot weather

Dressing For The Heat: How to look cool in hot weather

It’s no gainsaying that the country is currently experiencing one of its hottest season. So how exactly do you maintain your sartorial composure in the sweltering heat? Here are five principles to help you maintain that gentlemanly look while keeping cool despite the hot weather.

1. Choose Lightweight Clothing And Fabrics To Stay Cool In The Heat

As a general rule, the best fabrics for climates such as ours are lightweight and made from natural materials such as cotton or linen.

  • Feel the weight of the cloth – is should feel light.
  • Hold it up to light – if you can see through it a bit – that’s a good sign.
  • Natural, light fabrics tend to dry faster – a bonus when you sweat.

Lightweight 100% wool is a great option too as they are suited for hot weather.

2. Breathable Fabrics Are Best For Hot Weather

High temperatures combined with high humidity can make life uncomfortable, even when you are used to weather conditions such as found in Nigeria.

Humans maintain a cool body temperature by perspiring heat away from the body. As such, it is important to allow air circulation to maintain a cool body temperature.

Fabrics for hot climates should maximize the flow of air through the clothing, allowing heat and moist air to escape, i.e breathable.

Fabrics that trap moisture tend to create unpleasant odors.

Natural fibers are generally better at soaking up moisture from the skin and allowing it to evaporate from the outer surface.

Cotton is extremely comfortable and allows your body to breathe with ease. It absorbs excess sweat. Linen and other natural fibers also breathe and are good at absorbing moisture.

3. Lighter Color Clothes Are More Suited For Hot Weather

Dark colors absorb more light, and as such are less suited for hot weather as they will only retain heat and make you hotter.

Light colors reflect light – making them cooler to wear for the hot weather.

Whites, baby blues, grays, creams, yellows and tans will keep you feeling cooler than blacks, navy blues, or any other dark colors.

Brighter colors will also make you easy to spot in a crowd. Take advantage of the bright weather and rock some color.

4. Wear a Hat

Hats are a classic and stylish option for men to protect their head and face from the sun.

Body heat escapes most easily from the head – you want that heat to escape while protecting your head from the sun’s rays.

A wide-brimmed straw or felt hat is lightweight and is constructed to allow air circulation through the venting holes on the sides of the hat.

5. Wear Lightweight Shoes and Hidden Socks

Going without socks is a summer look – but be careful because there are enough sweat glands in your feet to produce and fill a quarter cup with moisture every day. All that moisture stuck in your shoes can ruin the leather.

For hot weather, go with lightweight slip-ons or moccasins.

Wear shoes that are breathable along with lightweight cotton or wool socks in fun and bright colors. Other options are boat shoes and driving shoes worn with hidden socks. This is definitely not the season for boots.




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