Fortnite Has Grown Into a Marketing Behemoth

This time last year, Fortnite was a gaming phenomenon. You played the game with nothing more than the hope of beating 99 other players for bragging rights.

Now, things are much different. While the game is pretty much the same, there’s an infestation of branding that has engulfed the game.

To play Fortnite now is to immerse yourself in advertisements.

Early on, the platforms felt like a mirror of social culture. As the game became even more popular, its dances became social phenomena, even going on to become sporting celebrations across various events.

When the manufacturers announced that the game will feature interactive pitches and soccer skins in honor of the World Cup, the connection was seamless. After all, Fortnite is basically a sport. Now though, the addition of numerous other features has been announced, and while a lot of these might not necessarily make sense to you, the fact remains that these additions are popular all the same.

Last year, we saw the release of the Avengers crossover, where players could now battle for Infinity
and hopefully become Thanos. You might think the collaboration makes no sense, but you’ll find some correlation when you realize that is a combination of two of the Earth’s biggest entertainment properties.

In 2019, things became a bit more experimental. The game held a pre-recorded Marshmello concert earlier this year, where players could dress up as the musician. There were 10.7 millionplayers in attendance, while millions more were able to watch it thanks to platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

NFL and soccer skins have returned to Fortnite as well, while a Marvel tie-in was added to celebrate the release of Avengers:Endgame

The game went on to tease the addition of John Wick, and when that promotion was over, another collaboration was reported to be in tow; one with Michael Jordan’s Jumpman.

It’s pretty simple; if you’re a big brand and you’re looking to get yourself to some new audiences, a collab with Fortnite definitely seems like the way to go.



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