Now I could not be bothered by my neighbour and her   problems I locked my door and sipped my Milo quietly till I heard a knock on the door. I almost didn’t answer till I saw Sunbo the hair girl peeping. I reluctantly opened the door. “Nice place you got here” as she waltzed passed me. Babe I know one guy that saw your picture on my instagram page my eyes opened wide wondering who it was.”Na one cute guy, Danlandi, his father is an oil magnate they own 2 private jets and he controls his father’s vast estate”. I almost passed out as I heard her reel his CV. Babe the guy is loaded and single I know how many girls are dying to meet him. So count yourself lucky he likes you.

Haa, I told Sunbo I was now a Christian, Paul and my new life. She laughed and asked me if Paul could take me to Monaco on a private jet.  I thought about it long and hard and told her I was game at least this would be one for the road no one would find out. Besides, if they did, I would just deny it. Two days later Sunbo called me and gave me the address of a restaurant in Ikoyi for us to meet. I dressed up sexy just to hook and attract the guy. I drove as fast I could cause the excitement was high. Danlandi was all Sunbo said he was cute and all, we had dinner and he was fantastic, just as I was leaving he gave me an envelope

Fuel money he called it. It had been long I missed the free cash. I got into my car and counted quickly $5,000 for having dinner. Wow this was fantastic. I quickly forgot about Paul. No one would know. I gave Sunbo $1,000 and she was very happy. Two days later Danlandi asked us to meet at four points. I quickly agreed thinking about how much he would give me.

We had dinner in his room and the sex was amazing I turned my phones off so that Paul would not interrupt me. I had told him I was going to pray for a sick relative in the hospital. I spent the whole weekend with Danlandi and had a blast.

I got home Sunday evening and Paul was by my door waiting for me trust me my lies was as solid as a rock. I told him I lost the relative and had to wait with my family members I actually shed a few tears to make my story believable. He hugged me and told me that we had to go out for dinner to cheer me up. I wasn’t in the mood I kept insisting. Reluctantly we went to a restaurant on the island. Just as we sat down to order Sunbo walked in with Danlandi and another chick. boy was I mad she didn’t even act like she knew me she just turned and walked away. I was so pained, I kept thinking of how I would deal with her. Me, a whole Cindy back stabbed by a stupid pimp. I ate slowly watching them closely. Paul kept turning back asking me if everything was ok. I answered that I was fine.

Till I saw Sunbo holding Danlandi’s hand down like she was trying to get him to sit. He ignored her and walked towards my direction. Chineke this guy was coming to burn my cable. He got to our table and faced Paul, at that moment I felt like fainting JESUS!

Danlandi greeted Paul and it took Paul a few seconds to recognise him and when he did they hugged and shook hands.

He introduced me to Danlandi as his wife and I quickly corrected him that we were not married. Danlandi and Paul exchanged contacts and he went back to his seat. Phew! That was close I was grateful to him that he didn’t spill the beans. I sat back relieved till Paul tapped me on the hand to explain his relationship with Paul that they were old school mates. Now I didn’t really seem interested till Paul whispered “he is HIV positive babe. I heard he spends on different girls just to lure them and pass the virus to them, am happy you have changed your ways”. I dropped my fork and the color drained from my face. OMG I don die!



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