Check Out The Highest-Earning Male Entertainers

Entertainers are pretty much ur best friends. We live on the content that they feed us. Also, many of us tend to find ourselves unable to speak about anything else but the things we see them do.

Well, a lot of these entertainers tend to make bank as well. Earlier this week, Forbes Magazine released its list of highest-paid entertainers in the world for 2019. To probably no one’s surprise, Kanye West, the rapper from Chicago, emerged as the top-earning male with a total haul of $150 million.

Kanye’s earnings would most likely come from his Yeezy apparel brand. The brand was reported to be worth over a billion dollars earlier this week as well. Given Kanye’s stake in the business, he would be smiling to the bank for sure.

The second-ranked male is soccer superstar Lionel Messi. Arguably the greatest player to play the sport, Messi pretty much breaks records with every goal he scores. The Argentine maestro has blazed the trail for footballers in massive ways, both on and off the field. Naturally, his $127 million in earnings this year definitely attests to that.

Next to Messi is British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran. He’s been able to rise to the ranks of A-list celebrities in the world, largely due to the success of his last album, Divide. With $110 million in earnings, Ed’s done pretty well for himself thus far.

Moving on, we have Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese maestro is the only man worthy of laying a claim to being the best footballer (apart from Messi) He is getting better with age, and while his $109 million cume is lower than Messi’s, you’d be wrong to underestimate him.

The top 5 ranked males is rounded out by Neymar. The crown prince of Brazilian football has enjoyed a fruitful few years at current club Paris Saint-Germain so far. And while there are speculations as regards where he’s heading to next, he’ll live a comfortable life with his $105 million earnings this year.



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