Many professionals, thrust into working from home due to the coronavirus, not only continue to dress their best but feel good while at it, while others do the ‘Half and Half’, and a few simply remain in their PJs all day. It’s probably safe to say that most of us men have been wearing sweatpants and joggers a lot more lately – or if not, shorts maybe. It’s likely you’ve customised your own facemask. For many of us, these state-wide stay-at-home orders have influenced how we dress and how we think about clothes.

It can be tempting to fall into a uniform of sweatpants and joggers when working from home for an extended time. And while there’s something to be said for relaxing your style when you don’t need to adhere to an office dress code, some men actually prefer to get dressed up to maintain a sense of normalcy.

As more Nigerian men are adjusting to working from home while coronavirus gradually spreads across the country, MODE MEN has asked our in-house stylist what’s best.

In general, most employers won’t care what you’re wearing when you work from home — as long as you get the work done. But if you do have a few Zoom meetings, or a presentation, you should look the part, the part that comes into view anyway. Getting dressed up for work normally helps us go through the motions and prepare for the day ahead.

1. On days when you do not need to interface visually with clients or co-workers, wearing your favourite sweat pants and a T-shirt are ok, though for a Monday morning, sometimes it’s nice to just get that ‘I’m going to work feeling’; get up, shower, shave and put on a nice short sleeve shirt and pants. You can leave out the shoes and put on some nice cologne before heading into your ‘home office’ or ‘corner’.

2. The marketing professional or those that interact with others constantly, keeping a positive outlook is essential. Dress up like any other day less the shoes and get to work. Video calls may be a part of the day and you don’t want to be caught unawares.

3. For the Banker, dressing up may not be a bad idea as keeping a routine helps maintain a sense of control and a degree of normality in these times. And some bank staff still have to step into the banking hall a few days a week. While you don’t need that tie or the jacket, dressing smart while working from home can help, especially if you have to have a Monday morning e-meeting via Zoom.

4. If you’re working while your young children are in the house, getting decked out in full-on boardroom attire might not be the most practical option. You can wear the basics and skip the extras. Business clothes increase one’s confidence.

5. This isn’t a bad time to experiment with your styling; mix and match some work clothes with some casuals. A business-casual look will also keep you feeling productive while working from home. Pair your favourite jeans and T-shirt with a blazer or, if you’d like, a simple yet put-together look. This also depends what you do – IT, Engineering, you’re fine.

The super cool thing about fashion is that you can always match your look with your mood. So, while working from home, you’ll likely have days where you just don’t feel like getting dressed up, so you don’t! Unless you have a video meeting with the Boss or a client, use this season to express yourself and try out new things, you never know.



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