By Deji Johnson

The denim jacket makes a return as a must have accessory for Summer 2020. Originally called a ‘Jeans jacket’ back in the day in the United States, the denim jacket has evolved from the ‘workman wear’ to urban casual wear. It is a versatile accessory that can be worn in different ways at different times of the year; you can layer with a sweater while abroad or during the harmattan or simply with a T-shirt summer time.

Our junior style editor Deji Johnson shares 5 ways to rock a denim jacket.

1. DOUBLE DENIM : This is when you’re rocking your denim jacket along with denim jeans. This look is a hot trend for 2020 and you can wear the same shades of denim top and bottom, or different shades.

2. DENIM JACKET/ CHINOS : You simply sport your denim jacket over a T-shirt or a simple shirt and match the look with khaki pants or chinos. This gives you a casual yet smart look. If you’re wearing a dark denim jacket, khaki colored chinos are the best, however with a lighter shade of the denim jacket, you can go for a darker shade of chinos e.g. navy blue.

3. DENIM JACKET/WHITE T-SHIRT : This look is classic! You cant go wrong with a white t-shirt and a denim jacket. It’s a clean, fresh look. Choosing a simple, right fitting t-shirt is essential to get the perfect look, once that’s done.. voilla!

4. TURTLENECK/DENIM JACKET: This look can’t be pulled off with just any denim jacket, the right texture and finish is essential as this is a more Uber look. Always best with a dark turtleneck if it’s a blue jacket; you can wear a grey one of the jacket or a very dark blue.

5. HOODIE/DENIM JACKET : This look is definitely for the younger generation but if you’re over 40 and stylish, you can pull it off when the weather is cold or if you’re flying out to Canada or somewhere else that’s cold. For this look it’s important to keep it simple and colours minimal, no big logos or bright colours. A grey hoodie with a navy denim jacket is perfect, you can wear jeans or track bottoms and trainers.



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