Huawei Announces Harmony OS

Huawei has announced the HarmonyOS
Huawei has announced the HarmonyOS

Huawei, the global tech giant from China, has been rumoured to be working on an operating system to compete with the Android and iOS. Now, we have a glimpse of what that operating system will look like.

Last week, Huawei announced the launch of HarmonyOS, its own operating system suite. The OS will launch first in China, where they will call it Hongmeng. Huawei described the OS as a microkernel-based distributed platform. They added that it can be used on everything (smartphones, watches, in-vehicle systems, etc. They will also release it as an open-source platform worldwide, in a bid to fuel adoption.

The speculations about Huawei’s operating system reached fever pitch when Google suspended its Android license back in May. The suspension came after the U.S. government put Huawei on the Entity List, and things took a turn since then.

Huawei plans to launch the OS on smart screen products this year. Later, they will expand to other devices, including wearables. While Huawei didn’t clarify what a smart screen device is, Reuters reported that it will appear on Honor smart TVs. The company is focusing first on the Chinese market, but it will look to expand over time.

The Honor smart TV will be getting the OS soon
The Honor smart TV will be getting the OS soon

In a statement, the company stated that HarmonyOS is different from iOS and Android, as it can scale across multiple devices. It will help with app development and deployment across several devices as well.

It has been unclear whether the OS will work for smartphones or Internet of Things devices. However, it seems that it would now power both.

Huawei has made progress on 5G technology. This is definitely a step forward for the Chinese tech giant as well.



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