Hublot is taking on the sneaker industry

Hublot is taking on the sneaker industry

The Sneaker Collab exhibition showcases all that is good about trainers.

Everyone owns a pair of trainers. With that in mind, Hublot, fine watchmaker and go-to for the likes of David Beckham and Jay-Z, has taken on the trainer industry. Following on from a step in the industry’s rippling waters back in 2016 with the Hublot x Lavati footwear collab, the next footing for Hublot is the opening of one of the best trainer exhibitions, well, ever.

The Sneaker Collab exhibition, which has been executed at the Mudac in Lausanne, is a reflection of the growing power of the trainer industry. By evoking its emergence in the Eighties with the Jordan Air brand, as well as more recent collaborations and projects, the trainer industry is ever expanding. Evidence of this? The fact that the fashion houses of the highest elegance (think Dior, Louis Vuitton and Hermès) have made trainers continuous inclusions in their collections, season after season.

The Hublot-curated exhibition showcases this hybridisation of luxury and streetwear by presenting ultra-rare collaborations between brands such as Adidas and big power names including Kanye West, Anna Wintour and Damien Hirst.

What’s more, the exhibition includes a never-before-seen watch created in partnership with Maxime Plescia-Büchi, the Angelina Jolie-approved tattoo artist behind London den Sang Bleu.



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