Immodesty Blaize is the Queen of Burlesque. With a diverse blend of ethnic heritage (Croatian,Russian and Irish), she looks every part exotic. The Hitchin Hertfordshire England born award winning dancer said growing up,she’s always performed. So her choice of career wasn’t a question of what but when as the career had chosen her naturally. She started off doing the dance on part time basis while holding on to her day job but a few months down the line she had to quit her day job as it had become practically impossible for her to nurture both worlds with the obvious increase in demand for her dance performances at events. Back then,she had a job in TV production so you might say it’s not totally off the mark. But at the time she was working behind the scene and definitely not into live performances which her new career entrusts on her.
She obviously puts her all in anything she does, that explains how she won an award while still in TV production when she directed a commercial for the Nobel Prize. Her decision to be part of the Butterscotch even was that difficult. She was introduced to the people putting the event together by the management of Beautifully Undressed a London based company that felt Nigeria was ripe for her genre of exotic dance. She saw a new vista of opportunity in a virgin continent and country and so she signed up for the event. Having performed across Europe, Australia and the Americas she hopes her first visit to the continent wouldn’t be the last.

Already, she is considering training willing dancers in this genre of classic entertainment. Her experience in the country she describes as incredible. She confessed that the warmth of Nigeria is amazing. Despite having just come off the plane, she couldn’t miss the breath taking attitude of the country and it’s cosmopolitan feel as she drove through the streets of Lagos enroute the Eko Hotel where she put up. The down pour that night gave her a little noulstagia of being in London. The style of the Nigerian women wasn’t lost on her as she notice the many women dressed in African fabrique with amazing designs. Perhaps because of her love for turbans, the headgears adorned by the women also caught her attention. The Nigerian meal was no less impressive in her opinion.

The fish peppersoup,platain,stew would most likely be some of the reasons she’ll love to be back in the country. To keep her shape and form is a lot of hard work, afterall she feeds off that. She therefore has to endure hours in the gym working out and more hours of trainings. She also has little opportunity to indulge in terms of food. Her beliefs that fresh is best therefore doesn’t take processed meal (how easy could that be living in London?). She confirms vegetables are firmly in her diet while sugar is largely absent. However every once in a while even those she take too much of and to the gym she goes to burn it all out. For Kelly Flecher (that’s her real name), she can never go wrong with her Chanel No.5 perfume.

For her clothing she’s a big Dior and Dolce and Gabbana faithful because they tend to have a firm focus of females and also tend to use lace in their designs. She is also really big on turbans and head dresses mainly because of the frequency of working her hair.





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