Announcing the iPhone 11 Variants

The iPhone 11 is finally here!
The iPhone 11 is finally here!

Apple Inc., the tech giant based out of California, has released three new flagship devices; the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The company made the introduction at the annual Apple Event in San Francisco, after months of speculations.
The three mobile devices are now the flagship devices from Apple this year, and they have the Internet abuzz with talks already.

At face value, the new flagship devices provide a lot to talk about. All of the variants come with at least two cameras at the back, thus providing even better picture quality than what we have seen before. The tech giant has claimed that the devices also provide longer battery life, as well as improved security features.

All of the variants sport the A13 Bionic chip, which comes with much more strength ad capabilities than the current A12 Bionic chips found in the iPhone X variants. According to Apple, the A13 chip comes with a 20% faster CPU and GPU, as well as seamless graphics and a faster neural engine.

You can find reviews of all the devices here.

Apple will launch pre-orders for the devices on September 13, while the phones will be available in stores on September 20.

Here are the pricing figures for the devices
Here are the pricing figures for the devices

The iPhone 11 comes at a $699 retail price, while the 11 Pro is priced at $999. As for the 11 Pro Max, retailers can get the device at $1,099.



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