The Next James Bond Movie Now Has a Title

The next James Bond movie now has a definitive title
The next James Bond movie now has a definitive title

James Bond is returning to the big screen; we all know that. However, what we didn’t know was what the title of the next movie would be.

Well, now we have the required information. Although we believed that the next movie in the franchise would have been titled Bond 25, sources have confirmed that the next 007 movie will go by the name No Time to Die.

Recently, the YouTube channel of the franchise released a teaser trailer for the next movie. This was where the title was revealed for the first time. It also confirmed that this will be the final James Bond film to star Daniel Craig.

No Time to Die is the fifth Daniel Craig movie in the franchise. Craig took over from Pierce Brosnan in 2006, as he donned the role in Casino Royale. Since then, he has starred in the Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre.

A timeline of the men who played James Bond
A timeline of the men who played James Bond

For now, little is known about the movie. Back in July, reports surfaced that British actress Lashana Lynch will play the new 007, although Craig will still be James Bond. While that stirred a lot of controversies, it definitely resonates with the gender equality times that we are in right now, and it was welcomed by many.

Other reports have also surfaced about the movie, including the fact that Oscar winner Rami Malek will play the villain. Other than that, no one particularly knows anything about the upcoming James Bond flick. The mystery could very well play in the movie’s favor, but it will definitely need to stick the landing nonetheless.



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