Commemorate World Beard Day with Jameson

Jameson Irish Whisky is pretty much one of the most popular whisky brands in the world. The brand has developed an even bigger following since it focused on the Nigerian market, with many loving their blend of rich taste and great aesthetic appeal.

World Beard Day with Jameson Irish Whisky
World Beard Day with Jameson Irish Whisky

Earlier this week, Jameson announced that they will be doing a little something to celebrate the imminent World Beard Day. In a press release, the company revealed that they would like to “unite bearded brothers through unique experiences.”

The release read, “The campaign is a celebration of the bearded community across Nigeria and around the world – beard culture keeps growing and each September Jameson makes a point of giving a voice to the bearded brothers.”

To wit, the whisky brand partnered with renowned photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke and leading lifestyle brand Konbini Afrika to chronicle men with some amazing beards. With a commitment to great style, you can see how awesome this could be.

These men got a grooming session with Kayzplace Barber Cuts. From there, they enjoyed some of the finest music, games, and loads of Jameson Irish Whisky. The brothers bonded over some foosball and shared a great time together.

You can expect even more going forward. Beard Day will hold on the 7th of September, and Jameson is here to make the day a memorable one. To be a part of this, follow them on Instagram @jamesonngr.



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