Liverpool Are the Kings of Europe!

It’s been an impressive season for Liverpool by al standards, and while the club was unable to capitalize on its early dominance in the Premier League and eventually lost the title to Manchester City, fans would more than take solace in the fact that the club just won its first Champions League trophy in 14 years.

Liverpool came in second last year, thanks to a series of unfortunate circumstances that played to the favor of eventual champions Real Madrid. While they were the slight favorites going into this tie against local rivals Tottenham Hotspur, the team was focused and locked in, determined to avoid any slip-ups and get their hands on the trophy.

The tactic worked. A controversial penalty in the first minute sealed the deal, with Mohammed Salah converting coolly from the spot to give his side the lead.

The match remained keenly contested by both sides, as they proved to be evenly matched in just about every respect.

However, late in the 87th minute, Belgian attacker Divock Origi got on to a loose ball and dispatched it to double the Reds’ lead. That goal made it 2-0, and with just a few minutes to play, it was obvious that Liverpool would be taking home their 6th Champions League.

In the end, Liverpool were able to hold on to their lead, and it was enough to ensure that the Champions League trophy would be going to Anfield.

It’s the perfect fairytale ending to Liverpool’s outstanding season!



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