Louis Vuitton Has Developed an Extremely Baller Way to Store Your Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Has Developed an Extremely Baller Way to Store Your Sneakers

How much do you love your most treasured sneakers. A lot? A lot, a lot? To the ends of the earth and back? Even more than that? If you’re in the latter camp—you love those damn sneakers so much you can’t even truly describe the depth of your emotion—you might want to take a look at Louis Vuitton’s latest creation.

The storied French fashion house just debuted an ultra-luxury sneaker box. It’s a pretty astounding piece of work.

Here’s how it works. The box has an internal sloped panel upon which to rest your precious kicks. Underneath said panel are a couple of hidden drawers, where you can stash your footwear-cleaning gear or any other small accessories you want to keep away from prying eyes. The exterior is wrapped in coated Monogram Eclipse canvas, and there’s a black cowhide leather handle.

When the time comes, you can open and close the box from the top, using the lock closure and buckles. But here’s the (ahem) kicker: the transparent Perspex Monogram door on the front can still be opened, even when the top is secured. That means you can stack multiple boxes into whatever configuration you desire, and still access your sneakers with ease.

Honestly, it’s a very baller way to store your sneaker collection (or at least the true stars of that collection). And I do mean baller—the boxes, which are available in select Louis Vuitton stores, cost about $34,000



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