Louis Vuitton Les Sables Roses: Layering, and Mirroring the Middle East

The Les Sables Roses was launched back in April, and it represents a perfect representation of the Middle East
The layerability of the Middle East is one of the most unique characteristics of the region. Ace perfumer Cavallier Belletrud has been able to perfectly capture this notion, and the result is the beautiful Les Sables Roses from Louis Vuitton.

Belletrud explains, “In the Middle East, personalization has been around forever. Women in a harem would layer fragrance in order to each have a distinct olfactory signature that expressed their identity as well as a message, since they used it to convey a desire to seduce the prince… or not.”

Layering has almost become second nature to the women of the Middle East, as it represents a significant part of their lives; especially how thy dress. The new scent from the iconic French fashion house was developed as a fragrance that exists both in combination with other scent and as a standalone scent in its own right as well. You can wear it alone, and you can also layer it up with its predecessor, the Ombre Nomade.

All in all, the Les Sables Roses provides a beautiful amalgamation of modern times and ancient heritage.



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