Men’s Guide to Being a Great Party Host

Men’s Guide to Being a Great Party Host

You know a great party as soon as you walk through the door: the vivacious clamor, the chill atmosphere, and plenty of laughter in the air. Does it all happen spontaneously? Not really. A true gentleman should master the art of putting together everything from a wild bachelor party all the way to a relaxed get-together with a handful of friends.

However, fear not, as you can easily apply a few handy tips and turn an otherwise dull evening into an eventful occasion. Read on and get into your party mode!

Keep it neat

Since you’ll likely set a date for your party over the weekend, why not disperse your chores over the course of a few days? There’s no need to spend an entire afternoon scrubbing and mopping if you can help it! Get practical and vacuum a day or two before the party, while you can leave the bathroom cleaning for the very morning of your party.

Make sure to prepare your seating arrangements depending on the occasion. If it’s your regular “mingle about and munch” event, then you should have plenty of available seats across the entire apartment. That way, you can designate one room for coats, while the rest of your space will be free for roaming and chit-chat.

Leave bites and sips to the pros


Unless you’re a gourmet cook, in which case kudos to your skills, you should make sure that your food and available beverages are top-notch, diverse, and to everyone’s taste. Let’s face it – it would take you forever to cook vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or meaty options, and make sure to avoid triggering any allergies and keep your sanity in this chaos on top of everything.

So, as a classy host that you are, you can rely on professional catering companies that can tailor a menu specifically for your event, and have everything ready and served just in time to dazzle your guests! The delicious canapés and unique cocktails will offer plenty conversation-starters even for the least chatty of guests.

Choose your guests wisely

While we’re on the subject, you probably know people from all walks of life, and their interests might overlap to an extent. However, chances are that not everyone you know would feel perfectly comfortable in the presence of everyone else.

Choose your guests according to the occasion. Formal events call for more VIP people present, and if the whole thing is just for the sake of catching up, then make sure your closest friends are there!

Boost the atmosphere

Now, if it were up to a lady to set the tone of the party, you’d probably be looking at a whole slew of sweet scented candles, potpourri, throw pillows, and floral arrangements. As a gent, you can keep thing simple, but tasteful and just fragrant enough to get everyone’s appetite going.

For example, if it’s a Christmas party, a bit of cinnamon in the air couldn’t hurt, while a few dimmed lights here and there can give you a perfect balance of smooth and sophisticated. Complete the setting with some tunes in the background and make sure that if others participate in choosing the music that they stick to the code of conduct. No Christmas party needs Cradle of Filth, right?

Find appropriate ice-breakers

Although you may not want to ask your company’s financial manager if they have any regrets or the weirdest spot where they had sex, you can set aside a box of conversation-starters appropriate for your party. This can be especially helpful if you mix the crowds and if people need some help getting to know one another.

It’s a great opportunity to ask silly questions, get real, or simply dive into some memories to learn more about your gang.

Get mingling

Last, but not least, it’s no party if you’re not there to receive all those compliments! Since you have the caterers handling the food and drinks, you should make sure you devote your time equally to all your guests, if possible.

Spend some time circulating the room, checking if everyone is feeling well, and then just let the party unwind and enjoy the fruits of your labor!



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