Issue 94 of the Mode Men Magazine is finally out.


A Prince, businessman, innovator and patriot. These are just some of the many adjectives that describe the suave, stylish and well-cultured gentleman – Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim of Ebira Land. Having studied in both the United Kingdom and the United States, where he lived for many years, he has had the privilege of seeing firsthand what can be accomplished with a high level of focus and determination. A man of many “firsts”, he was the African to win the Energy Prize at United Nations, the first black man to own a Formula One team, and with his innovative and adventurous spirit, will no doubt add a few more ‘firsts’ to his name.

Prince Malik is the Founder and CEO of BICENERGY, a Nigerian energy & technology company specializing in the development of renewable energy solutions, such as their Hybrid Power Cube – a unique and “exotic” product that allows the delivery of power anywhere on and off-grid, through solar and battery coupling, as a means of solving the endemic energy crisis in Nigeria.

A proud Nigerian, he believes we, as Africans, need to actively drive the conversations that create the narratives about Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Always a man to practice what he preaches, he has recently set up NextSat TV which will provide a platform for Nigerians to showcase our rich and endless stories, creativity and entertainment abilities.

Prince Malik sat with MODE MEN’s Editor-in-Chief to talk about his life, passions and plans for making his mark in the tech space in Nigeria and beyond.




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