Our Favourite Hand Lotions for Dry Hands

Our Favourite Hand Lotions for Dry Hands

With the current global Coronavirus Pandemic, we are all washing our hand fervently non-stop all day. This will likely leave your hands dry. We use our hands for everything, so if they’re dry, cracked, or chafed, then we are in for a lot of discomfort. It’s important to keep hands soft, and that task doesn’t have to be so difficult.

A good hand lotion will not only resuscitates dry and possibly cracked hands quickly, but also prevent further dehydration with regular use.

Here are some of our favourite hand creams that will keep your hands nice and supple.

1. Byredo Hand Cream
If you’re a man that wants the best in everything and maybe something that matches your great cologne. Byredo-a fragrance brand—makes ultra-moisturising hand creams in a variety of scents, but we like this best for the masculine, dark take on saffron. You get nice soft and great smelling hands.

2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream
This fuss-free hand cream is all about efficiency, rather than pretty smells or packaging. The glycerin-rich formula is one of the best for tackling seriously dry hands.

3. Vaseline hand cream
This uniquely designed lotion moisturises and fortifies men’s hands to make them more supple and hydrated.

4. Kiehl’s Hand Salve
This is a saviour for over-washed, overstressed, overexposed, cracked, dry hands. It provides instant cooling relief thanks to the inclusion of eucalyptus oil, and day-long moisture from olive oil-derived wax. Use it for an overnight miracle.

5. L’Occitane Almond Delicious Hands
This rich luxurious hand cream gets the job done fast. Enriched with almond milk, this beautifully-scented hand cream hydrates hands without leaving any grease behind.



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