POLO Ralph Lauren Taps Hamid Onifade as the FACE OF Its New “EARTH POLO” Campaign

Fashion icon POLO Ralph Lauren has teamed up with Simon Nessman and Hamid Onifade for its latest edition. Here, the brand goes on a little beach adventure, setting into motion its “Earth Polo” campaign.

The brand is embracing a sustainable approach to design, revisiting its classic polo shirt by making its apparels out of recycled plastic bottles.

The Earth Polo campaign is taking a cue from the First Mile program, which originated from Taiwan. Via this program, people are encouraged to collect bottles to recycle, and reports have confirmed that one polo shirt is made from about 12 recycled plastic bottles.

The brand has also introduced an environmentally-conscious approach to dyeing, making use of a dye that doesn’t require water instead.

Speaking on the brand’s support of sustainable production, POLO’s Chief Innovation Officer David
highlighted that the issue is important to the company, as it is authentic to its brand identity.

He said, “Ralph Lauren has always created products with a sense of timelessness that is meant to be worn and loved and passed on for generations. As a global brand, we have a responsibility to evolve our products and to find and implement technologies that are both sustainable and scalable for generations to come.”

Lauren also confirmed that the company is committed to converting their use of virgin poly-fibber to recycled poly-fiber, which is expected to be used across their brands and products by 2025.



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