The House of Christian Dior is back with a hit fragrance, and along with it a grooming range worth collecting.

THE FRAGRANCE: Dior Homme Eau de Toilette is an alluring combination of power and freshness. Intensely woody and masculine, its fragrance takes hold and leaves a lasting impression. Artfully crafted in a juxtaposition of raw sophistication, Dior Homme is a man confident in both his strength and tenderness. A heart of tender wood. An Eau de Toilette with a sensual trail that is intriguingly powerful and appealingly fresh, luminous yet enveloping.

The bath and body products are subtly scented with the woody notes of the new Dior Homme Eau de Toilette. They provide the skin with a comforting sensation, wrapped in the soft and sensual trail of Dior Homme.

AFTER SHAVE BALM: An aftershave balm that soothes razor burn and softens the skin while extending the trail of Dior Homme. The Dior Homme aftershave balm soothes razor burn and pampers the skin with an immediate soft and comfortable sensation in an innovative, non-greasy texture.

SHOWER GEL: This is a shower gel that leaves the fresh and citrusy scent of Dior Homme on the skin. Invigorating and subtly scented in a generous lather, Dior Homme Shower Gel lingers on the skin all day long.

BODY SPRAY & DEODORANT: A spray deodorant and a roll-on deodorant with the invigorating freshness of Dior Homme. Dior Homme spray deodorant and roll-on both accentuate the invigorating notes of Dior Homme



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