The Nms86 Cover!!!

The Nms86 Cover!!!

Ex Boys NMS 86 (class of 92) Day 2__1612

Ex Boys NMS 86 (class of 92) Day 2__1522

Ex Boys NMS 86 (class of 92) Day 2__1468

Ex Boys NMS 86 (class of 92) Day 2__1395

Ex Boys NMS 86 (class of 92) Day 2__091125 years After, 50 GENTLEMEN who had graduated from Nigerian Military School Zaria attended it’s 25th Anniversary in Lagos.. From the 2nd to 4th of September 2017 ,Members of the Alumni flew in from different parts of the world to grace the occasion. It was a gathering of prestigious men from different facets of life; the military, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, entrepreneurs etc. Notable amongst them were; Dr Chidi Molokwu(A Uk based medical doctor) who moderated a health & beauty session and Mr Uyi Ogbeifun of TOtal NIgeria. The highlights of the weekend was the All white beach party supported by JP Chenet Ice at the Pop Beach and a black tie dinner at the Medici restaurant chaired by brig Gen Boss man(A great teacher, 2nd LiEutenant in the army at that time who taught the gentlemen 30 years ago),He encouraged them to impact the nation positively. #1.5 million naira was raised by the gentlemen to purchase100 chairs and desks for their ALma later. They also embarked on a ‘book drive’ to aid the newly refurbished school library. When all these was over they ended the weekend with an afternoon of Go carting at Get Arena Lekki.



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