Tips on Choosing Your Accessories

Tips on Choosing Your Accessories

Nowadays accessories have become a big deal, as they are more accessible to everyone and the palette of choices is really big. But, just like in the case of… well, anything, having too many choices can lead to confusion. If until recently women’s accessories were the only accessories around, now more companies produce accessories for men. But the rules of choosing them are the same.

Tips on choosing your accessories

When you are choosing jewelry or other accessories (hats, scarfs, sunglasses etc) think about the message that you want to send out. Your accessories should make a statement about who you are, if you are hip or elegant, eccentric or down-to-earth etc.

The most important thing about accessories is size: yes, we know, but in the world of accessories, bigger is not always better. Accessories should be proportional to your body size! Big body frames go better with larger accessories, while slim body types go better with smaller accessories. Wearing small accessories if you have a big body frame will only make you look bigger and the other way around.

The same goes for belts and ties!

Another thing to consider of course, is if the accessories are occasion-appropriate. You don’t want to wear expensive rubies or something on a field trip or something like that. If you choose to wear cheaper jewelery at an elegant event, it should be done tasteful and for a reason.

When it comes to metals, remember that both gold and silver are neutrals, so they go with anything and also go together well.

Remember that wearing tons of accessories is a rather bad thing, as you generally want your clothes to be the main actors, and the accessories to play the supporting roles. The accessories should make your clothes stand out and make a fashion statement about you!

When you buy accessories, don’t go for imitations or cheap plastics, it’s telling and you’re better off without any accessories than with accessories that look bad.



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