Welcome to the 21st-century world of Adidas London

Welcome to the 21st-century world of Adidas London

Adidas has opened its doors to its brand-new Oxford Street store

Adidas is one of the biggest brands in the world, favoured by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Kanye West and David Beckham. Today it has opened its doors to a brand-new Oxford Street store and, to be totally honest with you, you’re in for a serious treat.

The 2,500 square foot space brings the brand with the three stripes to life and will combine digital innovation, unique shopper experiences and a focus on in-store expertise to create a new benchmark in retail. The store has been designed for you, to do what you will with it.

Over 100 digital touch points – all 100 per cent powered by green energy – feature throughout the store. This will enable you to have a unique experience, with the in-store technology working hand-in-hand with a “Bring It To Me” app. Through the app shoppers can now scan products, check stock, request their size and purchase on the spot as they shop without the need for queues or designated collection spaces, raising the question: does the future of shopping include sales assistants?

Design-wise you’re treated to a Union Jack made up of the flags of 1,000 countries and a giant trefoil that we’re sure will become an Instagram sensation.




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