Le Labo Santal 33, The Unobtrusive Office Perfume

Santal 33 is the most famous perfume by the American niche brand Le Labo, the perfume that launched them into orbit and is responsible for their dizzying success

The perfume composition of Santal 33 is woody aromatic, and perfume creator Frank Voelkl has managed to create a fantastic, very modern interpretation of sandalwood. Although a lot of people are bothered by the opening, which is ozonic, salty and reminiscent of fresh cucumbers, I find it extremely enjoyable and refreshing, both literally and metaphorically. After all, it’s not that the cucumber scent is foreign to the perfume industry, one of the most popular Marc Jacobs perfumes is Cucumber Splash. Despite development and shift of notes, Santal 33 is a linear perfume, and sandalwood dominates from start to finish, with an occasional play of leather and spice notes (cardamom) with elements of iris and violet. Ignoring the worldwide fame and popularity of this perfume, if you are looking for the perfect casual fragrance that will go perfectly with the combination of white shirt and jeans as you roam the city streets carelessly and endlessly, Santal 33 is the perfume for you. Although it is classified as unisex, for my sensibility, it is a bit more masculine. So as a MODE MAN if you want an unobtrusive office perfume that still emanates attitude and character, Santal 33 might be the solution.

This perfume is available at The ShankStar,   Suit 30 No 45, Gana Street, Maitama