Byredo Births a new ‘classic’ Sellier

Byredo births a new ‘classic’ Sellier, Uncompromising in its use of rare and majestic raw ingredients, Ben Gorham’s latest (and most premium) trio of fragrances, Night Veils, are highly concentrated (thus the higher price ) and distilled into a pure essence. The most man-friendly of this fragrant non-gender-specific threesome is Sellier, an unapologetic love letter to the distinctive scent of leather. Distinguished, old school and smoky. It’s inspiration was taken from a vintage smoking room with precious tobacco leaves, antique books and age-worn leather club chairs. With top notes of cashmere, black tea, a heart of leather accord and tobacco leaves and a woody base of birch tree and oakmoss, it’s a good one for evening and destined to become a bestseller.