It was a night of glamour and celebration lastnight as Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the Executive governor of Kwara state was awarded “ Governor of the year 2020 ” by the Leadership newspaper . The Governor was chosen after the board of Editors vetted all aspects of his administration, from which his sterling leadership performance was determined to be the most outstanding of the nominees.
The event had many dignatories in attendance included the Vice President, Minsters and other government officials and CEOs.
Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has redefined governance in Nigeria by assessing , evaluating and restructuring all facets of the administration of the sixteen local government areas of Kwara state .

The Governor on resumption , was faced with a lot of challenges in the state from decaying infrastructure to a crippling educational sector The Governor was able to tackle each issue head-on resulting in a dynamic change in all sectors of Kwara state.

Highest number of Health consultants employed in the state , Eight state of the art ambulances. Ilorin general hospital accreditation to train resident doctors. Also the state has the largest ICU center in central Nigeria today.First ever infectious disease center in the state with ventilators , defibrillators , oxygen concentrators etc . Recruitment of 155 new health workers , with 46 already being deployed to various parts of the state . Renovation and equipping 27 PHC across the state .

Education has received a boast by having a recruitment system fueled purely by merit .
Creation of various public water facilities across the state.Creation of social service programme ( KWASSIP) , the most ICT driven in the country This administration has created the first agricultural master plan for development that will be effective for the next ten years.

Also his administration is the most gender/ age inclusive administration in Nigeria today.

He has exceeded his administration’s milestone goals in the areas of capacity building , infrastructural development , quality education , poverty alleviation, state security etc.