The Hacker Project Released by Gucci and Balenciaga

The unexpected collaboration of the house of Gucci and Balenciaga gave birth to the “The Hacker Project”
This project was announced by both houses back in April this year, now both houses has released a co-branded collection.

Two of the biggest fashion brands in the globe came together to make what we call the Hacker Project released in Singapore, you may want to call it a collaboration, but to Gucci and Balenciaga, its called the Hacker Project.

credit Gucci

The new capsule from both fashion giants sees classic Gucci and Balenciaga silhouettes and codes coming together to create something new.

Noticeably in the co-brand is the remake of Gucci’s GG logo, which was transformed into a double B logo appearing in puffa jackets, caps and even socks. Elsewhere, bags have been designed with graffiti declaring “This Is Not a Gucci Bag,” and the two label’s logos are at the side on side of the crystal hourglass suit.

Both collections are now out now in various outlets and stores. Below, are a few more pieces you can lay your hands on