About Us

MODEMEN is a magazine for the fashionable African man who strives to be a global leader in his chosen field. 
Aimed at home and in diaspora, it covers fashion, politics, business, health, entertainment, interiors, travel and sports, from the unique perspective of the Nigerian man in
the 21st century. 
MODEMEN is currently rated the most consistent, top selling men’s lifestyle magazine in Nigeria.


Abubakar O. Tafawa Balewa is an accomplished lawyer, luxury brand consultant and magazine publisher. He successfully started a men’s lifestyle magazine and for over 17 years, it has grown to be the premier and only men’s lifestyle magazine in Nigeria , covering areas such as sports, politics, technology, fashion, finance, and entertainment.

He owns a successful Men’s retail fashion store in Abuja ( Theshankstar) , that offers bespoke personal shopping service for clients from the most exclusive and luxurious stores are the world. He has been consistent in his passion as he has worked for various international brands in different capacities including brands like Tom Ford, Armani Beauty, MAc, Virgin Atlantic, Hennessy, Johnnie Walker, Bang & Olufsen, and Kia. Abubakar has also hosted events organized by brands such as Fendi, Armani and Tom Ford amongst others, all within and outside Abuja/Lagos, Nigeria.

Abubakar is self motivated , and an avid enthusiast of life and his passions ; he is an excellent communicator and problem solver with a proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently to constant changing demands in target-driven environments. Abubakar pragmatic drive has allowed him the ability to master unique skills ranging from creativity, marketing, business management, and much more.All of these skills have helped him to successfully grow Nigeria’s bestselling men’s magazine.


Abubakar is fluent in two Nigerian languages (Hausa and Yoruba), with a rudimentary understanding of French. Abubakar enjoys watching movies, reading fiction novels and biographies, listening to music, and swimming. He also loves travelling and learning new things through exploration.