Comporting One’s self during first-time meetings

It’s important to create a great impression on first-time meetings, be it at work meetings, first-time interviews, casual meetings or a romantic date.
People want to see you bring your best foot forward to create a nice impression.

A key part of creating a great first impression is to clean up nicely! Make other people feel good and at ease in your presence.

Create An Identity With Your outfits.
If people are going to judge you based on your looks, make sure they get it right.
Clothing is a form of self-expression. Your clothes should communicate the exact message that you want to convey.

D is for due diligence; Have as much Intel as you need to get on the people you’re meeting without being a stalker. Is it a business meeting? Knowing more about the company or person you’re visiting is paramount. It shows that you’re knowledgeable.

As you alight from your car or Uber ride, be sure to switch your phone to silent or meeting mode to avoid distractions during your meeting. You don’t want to feel embarrassed by the loud tone of your phone in the middle of a first-time engagement.

A warm smile at the beginning of the meeting goes a long way in putting the other party at ease in your presence. It could create an instant attraction if it’s on a date. It is also important to look into their face when talking so you don’t sound unsure of your words. Talking to self in the mirror is a good practice!

It’s always better to be safe than sorry;
If you are meeting a total stranger for the first time. Make sure to inform one or two people close to you about the places you’ll be visiting.