Dry Skin Care Tips for Men

Most men only think about skin care when there’s a problem, and often, that problem started with dry skin. The truth is most men forget to moisturize. Both men and women are subject to the same potential skin problems and need the same basic routine. So gentlemen, let’s think about skin care for a minute and avoid dry, flavour skin.

Both fragranced body washes and regular bar soaps are great at removing all the dirt and oil in their path. But that means they also remove the moisture from your skin. So you need to add the moisture back.

Think of your skin like a brick-and-mortar system. The more cracks in the mortar, the more problems arise. A moisturizer acts as a barrier to seal up those cracks. So when skin is well moisturized, it functions to repel potential problems. It’s a basic function of the immune system.

During the Hamerttan , itchy and rashy eczema- prone skin becomes more of a problem. No one likes to itch — and usually that itchiness begins with cracked skin. Cracked skin initiates an inflammatory response that makes the skin itch. So, if you can moisturize enough to prevent the skin from cracking, you’ll likely keep rashes and eczema away as well.